Make $10,000 - $35,000
In One Day With Webinars

Yes, its true, Webinars are creating extraordiary income for anyone who has a story to tell, a product or service to promote. Heck, you really dont even need a product and I'll show you how. If you're ready to tap into your business' full potential, then it's time for you to...

"Learn How to Put Today's Most Powerful Marketing
Technique to Work for Your Business"

Look Around You, last year EVERYONE has been hosting webinars for launches instead of sending e-mails because you can build that trust very quickly. The top marketers use webinars because they're easier to use to present, more powerful than plain text (you hear their voice), and they're easy to run with very little preparation.

The replacement for e-mail marketing has already arrived (and it's existed for nearly 7 years)... but it's only recently become easy enough and affordable enough to profit from! (With the proper webinar training, that is!)

The days of waiting for a 1-month or 2-month autoresponder series to play itself out are gone... most of the e-mails you get are pushing you to join a webinar to educate you or sell you on something.

It's Now Cheaper And Easier Than Ever
to Host And Record Your Own Webinar!

Webinars WORK in any niche! Anyone can do them!
They are extremely cheap! You gain instant authority!

As more and more businesses turn to online marketing, and as more and more entrepreneurs flood the Internet, it gets harder and harder to expand your business. If you've been in business for any length of time, you've probably experienced it yourself. List-building is more competitive; customers are more discerning; and attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. And all that means you've got to work harder just to keep pace.

In a crowded marketplace like the Internet, how can you make your product, service, or brand stand out? How can you claim your rightfull place as the "go-to" person in your field? What will have current customers singing your praises and new customers lining up at your virtual door?
The answer? Webinars.

Simply put, webinars are the hottest marketing tools for online business owners since WordPress got us all blogging, and if you're not taking advantage of this incredibly flexible, profitable medium, you're truly missing out - and so are your customers!

Suitable for Every Business

Whatever your business model, a webinar is the perfect vehicle for your message. Coaches and consultants use webinars to showcase their knowledge; virtual assistants use webinars to inform potential clients about new or innovative techniques they're using with other customers; online store owners use webinars to demonstrate products and provide usage tips. The possibilities for using webinars in your business are limited only by your own creativity.

You don't have to be a long-time business owner to benefit from hosting a webinar, either. In fact, they're an excellent choice for helping to build that all-important mailing list. When free eBooks and whitepapers just don't cut it any more for an opt-in incentive, webinars can easily close the sale. Best of all, free webinars are a great proving ground, allowing you to refine your style and build your confidence before stepping it up and offering paid teleseminars to your growing audience.

Speaking of which, webinars are...

Perfect for EVERY Audience

Webinars are ideal for getting your message in front of a larger, often underserved audience. Everyone learns in a different way, and by giving your customers a variety of choices like a newsletter, printed material, your blog, or a webinar, you're ensuring that all your customers benefit from your knowledge and expertise. Your subscribers will be able to pick and choose the method that works best for them, and they'll be impressed that you gave them the choice of formats.

Whether your customers are Internet savvy or just getting started online, there's a webinar format perfecty suited for them. From simple group calls on a standard phone line to interactive, multi-speaker events complete with whiteboards and desktop sharing, webinar providers have everything you need to make your webinar a success not only for you, but for your participants as well.

But how do you know which webinar format and style is right for your business and your audience? That's where my new report, "How to Host Successful Money Making Webinars" can help...

The Proof Is In The Profits

Hosting a webinar can be a lot of fun. You get to chat with your customers, showcase your talents, maybe interview special guests or even BE the special guest. But let's face it - you still have to pay the bills. And in "How to Host Successful Money Making Webinars" I'm going to show you exactly how you can earn a profit even from a free webinar.

We'll start with the basics and quickly bring you up to speed on how webinars work, why audiences line up to attend, and how to overcome even paralyzing stage fright to get your webinar running. Then we'll move on to the seven techniques all successful webinar hosts practice. This is where you'll learn valuable tips like...

  • Three ways to ensure attendees actively participate in your event - because there is nothing worse than hosting an interactive event in a room full of people who will not speak.

  • How to guarantee you don't miss an important opportunity for an upsell or other "call to action" - because it's all to easy to forget this important piece of the profits puzzle when you're feeling the pressure of a live event.

  • The no-brainer strategy that nearly every new webinar host misses - skip this part and watch your dreams of profit fly right out the window.

Putting together a profitable webinar doesn't have to be overwhelming or complicated. If you can talk on the phone, you can host a webinar. You just need a little guidance, some careful planning, and a willingness to explore new avenues. As an entrepreneur, you've certainly got that last part covered, and this training will provide the rest.

Create Products Out Of Thin Air In 90 Minutes !

If you have no speaking expertise, if you're scared to death of presenting to a crowd... or even if you have NO speaking experience...

FACT: Webinars are more valuable to our business than any service out there or any person we've hired. I'm serious. Teaching via webinars (where a large number of people can see your screen and hear your voice, people can type questions) you give people direct access to you, so you can charge a heck of a lot more than a simple e-book or even a video series.

Don't wait another minute. It's time you discovered everything you need to know about webinars...

The "Webinar Profit System"

Even if you've never so much as considered hosting your own webinar, with the "Webinar Profit System", you'll be a pro in no time. I'll share all the secrets I've learned through my experiences as a webinar host, so you won't waste time making the same rookie mistakes I made.
For example, you'll learn:

How to make more money in a few hours than most people make in a month

How to start a webinar business in as little as 24 hours and have people begging you to be your next client.

No product of your own, dont worry, I wil teach you how to become a Webinar Promotion Manager and still get 50% of all the "Deals" you put together.

Learn how you can run webinars on Auto Pilot. I'll show you how I did $8,966 in sales on a 60 minute webinar while I was on vacation nowhere near a computer or telephone.

The pros and cons of the top 6 Webinar providers - so you don't get stuck paying for services you don't need.

My 7-step dress rehearsal plan - to ensure a trouble-free presentation even if it's your very first!

15 essential tips for making the most of your webinar - not only for your audience, but for you and your JV partners as well.

Powerful tips to help you turn even free webinars into money making events - without being a pushy salesman.

Plus tips for analyzing your performance (and that of other presenters) after the fact - so every webinar you do is better than the last.

I'll also share my webinar planning worksheet with you so you can:

Quickly uncover the 9 most important aspects of your webinar - miss one of these, and your event will suffer.

Remember to involve your audience in every aspect - remember, without them, your webinar will be a bust.

Ensure your webinar runs smoothly from start to finish - no one is perfect, but planning is the key to professionalism. This simple worksheet focuses on what's critical and leaves the rest out.

Online marketers today need to take advantage of all the tools available to engage their audience and get their message in front of more potential customers. Hosting a webinar is, simply put, the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. If you're not using it - rest assured, your competition is.

A webinar will not only help improve your bottom line, it will get your brand in front of new markets, showcase your expertise, create a buzz surrounding your product or service, and provide real-time interaction with your customers - important in an age of email and blog comments. The benefits of hosting a webinar are nearly endless, so don't miss out on this opportunity to learn the ins and outs of hosting a successful and money making event for your business.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your purchase of my report comes with comes with my no-risk, 100%, unconditional money-back, 30-day guarantee!

My new wealth building course "Webinar Profit System" will teach you how to host successful, money making webinars. My online video training will help you develop a comprehensive plan for leveraging this powerful technique in your business.

But if you don't feel it makes good on my promise, or helped you in any way, simply take advantage of my 30-day unconditional Guarantee and confidently ask for an instant refund!

Remember any time at all within the next 30 days even if the rest of the world is tucked up in their beds you can fire off an email and receive a speedy refund (hassle-free, with my thanks for trying it!)

I wouldn't make that offer if I wasn't absolutely confident you'll find the information to be as helpful and timely as I know it to be.

So get access today, and start planning your own webinars. Soon you'll have more happy customers than you ever imagined was possible. You'll reach new markets, make more sales, and propel yourself to expert status just by putting these tools to work for you. I've covered everything you need to know, so you'll be successful right from the start!

YES! I really want to learn more about
    running successful webinars!

Please give me access to your members area for the "Webinar Profit System" so I can learn how to host successful, money making webinars right now so I can learn how other marketers just like me are using this tool to build a better business.

I understand your course includes information about:
  • Planning my webinar - and how to choose the right provider for my needs and experience level.

  • Attracting an audience - and why webinars are perfect for expanding my reach.

  • 8 proven formats I can adapt for my own needs - and how to let my creativity flow when planning and implementing my chosen method.

  • A 15-point checklist for ensuring my webinar goes off without a hitch - because the last thing I want to worry about is technical difficulties!

  • A point-by-point comparison of popular webinar providers – so I don't waste time or money searching for the right solution for me.
But most of all, "How to Host Successful, Money Making Webinars" will save me from losing months of valuable time and untold amounts of money when my competitors take the lead. Instead, I'll learn the most important aspects of hosting a webinar quickly and easily, so my business can lead the way!

I guarantee that once you watch the videos and get started planning your first webinar, you'll be just as excited as I am about this incredible marketing medium. You'll see how it can grow your customer base, increase your profits, and attract a completely different demographic to your business just by reaching out to them in a different way!

Best of all, webinars give you...
  • A new powerful way to stay in touch with your existing customers.

  • Innovative techniques you can use to leverage partnerships to dramatically increase your market share.

  • Another reason to follow-up with potential customers and close the sale.

  • Undeniable proof of your knowledge and expertise.

Webinars work in conjunction with your other marketing plans, helping you disover in real time what your market wants and how you can provide it, and helping your business expand beyond the boundaries set by traditional marketing methods like blogs and newsletters. Best of all, they're fun to host, exciting to attend, and your customers will love having another opportunity to connect with you and your brand.

To your Webinar Hosting Success,
Duncan Wierman

P.S. Don't forget: "Webinar Profit System" is backed by a 30 day guarantee - if you don't find it as helpful as I claimed - if you don't feel you've gained a better understanding of webinars and how they can work for your business, simply shoot me an email, and I'll cheerfully refund your money. PLUS I will give you an additional 30 days to return the system if you dont at least double you investment doing your first webinar! So take it for a spin. I think you'll like what you see!
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